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Welcome To EAA Chapter 640

Haymeadow Flyers

Upcoming Chapter Meetings
  • The next meeting is January 8th, 2022 at 12 noon in the Learn, Build, Fly hanger.
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone!!
  • Monday, January 24h, 2022 at 5:30 PM in the Learn, Build, Fly hanger.

  • Jurg Grossenbacher, FAAST Program Manager from the Milwaukee FSDO will brief the pilots on the recent spike in accidents to include Controlled Flight into Terrain. We will discuss why bad things happen to good pilots and what you can do to stay safe. We will talk about the causal factors:

  • 1. Lack of Proficiency
  • 2. Standard Operating Procedures
  • We will discuss how you can stay safe this year and still enjoy flying to the fullest.
  • Pilots, Planes, and Projects
    About Us

    The membership of our chapter is made up of a great variety of pilots and non-pilots whose experience and interests range from aircraft of the 1930s through homebuilts and ultralights to aircraft of the present day. These are people who can share their experience and offer advice to those willing to ask. EAA Chapter 640 is a place to:

    • Promote and encourage the sport and hobby of recreational aviation through the camaraderie of building, restoring, flying and learning.
    • Foster closer fellowship among its members through the exchange of ideas and mutual interests.
    • Promote and encourage aviation safety in the design, construction and operation of all types of aircraft.
    • Foster, promote and engage in aviation education.
    • Operate as a local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. (EAA) and to cooperate with the EAA to further the goals and purposes of that Association.

    For more information, please read our Chapter Bylaws

    This site is dedicated to the founders of our chapter who, in August 1978, filed a charter to bring into existence EAA Chapter 640, Wausau, Wisconsin.

    Chapter Founders
    J. D. Hatz Wayne Podeweltz James Gresens
    Martin L. Schmunk Aaron K. Hatz Keith Petznick
    James E. Jenson Leslie Boettcher Richard F. Van Der Geest
    Rodney C. Elg Arthur Gustafson William Flynn
    Craig C. Elg Len Schroeder William J. Helmstadler
    David E. Krembs Richard Von Loh W. E. Muschinske

    2021 Chapter Leadership
    Board of Directors Dennis Seitz, Scott Feldbruegge, Rhonda Elliott, Theresa Conrad
    President Dennis Seitz email
    Vice President Scott Feldbruegge email
    Secretary Rhonda Elliott email
    Treasurer Terri Conrad email
    Newsletter Editor Rhonda Elliott email
    Scholoarship Coordinator Amanda Brzezinski email
    Young Eagles Coordinator Rob Kraft email
    Young Eagles Coordinator Jim Hannemann email
    Technical Counselor Dave Conrad email
    Safety Coordinator Mike Vanderloop email
    Historian Bob Wylie email
    Web Editor Roger Grahl email

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